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D-ONE - Winter-Trainingscamp in Palamos/ Spanien

Organizer: HessSailcoaching in collaboration with Devoti-Sailing and Sportcamp Raudaschl


Experience shows, that winter training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to prepare ambitious sailors for the next sailing season. Sailing camps in Palamos/Spain will be organized and performed by Stefan Hess 

The idea is: Charter a boat (2 D-Ones) or come with your own boat and you have a perfect sailing week. 


The participants will be challenged with all senses. Training Schedule is tight and includes all necessary aspects to achieve substantial progress according to the agreed individual goals.

The group consists of 4 to 6 sailors max.

Charter boats will be offered at attractive weekly rates. The boats are as new, fully equipped and serviced. Sailors shall only bring their own sails. If this is not possible, top-quality sails will be available.


The meetings will take place in Palamos/Spain. This location offers an ideal training venue with easy access to the international Airport Barcelona (120km) or Girona airport, only 35km away. The Costa Brava is one of the most attracting tourist areas around the Mediterranean Sea and offers reasonable accommodation close to the club facilities. 

Stable wind conditions provide daily sailing. Temperatures vary between 15 and 20 C° and the special situation of Palamos at the headlands of the COSTA BRAVA offer a choice of wave conditions - from short chop in the bay to long rolling waves further offshore.Water temperature is around 15-17C°. 


  • Sunday: arrival
  • Monday to Friday: training at 9:30 - approx. 16:00
  • Saturday: departure

The goals for the training will be set individually in order to fit each sailors needs and will accomodate beginners as well as top sailors. The schedule will follow the physical potential of each sailor.  


  • Week 1: 19.01.20 to 25.01.20 (5 days training)
  • Week 2: 16.02.20 to 22.02.20 (5 days training)
  • Week 3: 15.03.20 to 21.03.20 (5 days training)
  • Week 4: 25.04.20 to 28.04.20 - Special training befor EC Palamos
  • Other dates on request 



Entries shall be made online on the official online entry form

Deadline for entries are:

  • 15.12.19 for week 1
  • 15.01.20 for week 2 
  • 15.02.20 for week 3
  • 15.03.20 for week 4

the minimum number of participants per week is 4. 

Boats Charter Fees

charter fees for one week (=5 sailing days)

  • D-One: € 500,-
  • Additional days: D-One: € 50,-/day

Charter fees to be payed to the following bank account:

  • Name: Stefan Hess, Hess-Sailcoaching
  • IBAN: AT61 2021 6230 1142 3001

It is also possible, that you pay the boats charter fee in cash before the 1. sailing day.

Damage deposit:  € 400,-  cash (to be paid before the first sailing day)

Trainings Fees

  • Cost for 5 days training (week 1-3) € 400,- per sailor 
  • Cost for 4 days training (week 4) € 300,- per sailor
  • Additional day: € 80,- per sailor
  • Payment in cash before 1. sailing day or make a bank transfer to the following bank account:
  • Name: Stefan Hess, Hess-Sailcoaching
  • IBAN: AT61 2021 6230 1142 3001


Accommodation, meals and cost for travel are not included. Sailors shall make their own arrangements. A list of recommended hotels/apartments will be provided - please contact travel agency "Espai de Viatges" Mrs. Denise Roldos Salis. 

Mail to:

Club Fee

Clubfee for using the club facilities: € 60,- for one week

HessSailcoaching D-One Winter Trainingscamp in Palamos/ Spain

I will participate in the D-One Winter Trainingscamp 2020 in Palamos/ Spain
Terms of registration:

Registration is required as soon as possible but latest 15th of December (for week 1), and 15th of January (for week 2), 15th of February (for week 3), 15th of March (for week 4) for other dates on request one month before.

Disclaimer of Liability

Sailor (in case of non age: parent or legal guardian) declares with his signature that sailor participates in the Training Camp entirely at his/her own risk. The organization authority and/or the sail coach will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the Training Camp.