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Facts about the offer:

Event: Foiling Camp Hess-Sailcoaching in Portoroz

Address: Jadralni Club Pirate, Obala 7, 6320 Portoroz

Date: 5 May - 8 May 2022: Training camp with Skeeta/Nikki/ Onefly

Who organizes and leads the trainings?

You will train with Stefan Hess (number of trainers depends on the number of participants).

What does the training offer include?

  • Basic knowledge about foiling boats
  • Boat technique (Dos and Don'ts)
  • Foil settings
  • Sail and boat trim
  • Tips and tricks for early take-off
  • Maneuver training
  • Regatta training

Before each training session there will be a briefing and afterwards a de-briefing, supported by video analysis.
All participants will be equipped with radios to ensure communication and safety.

Free sailing

If there are Skeeta sailors who do not require supervision, they pay a fee for the use of the club infrastructure.

Boat charter and trial sailing

There is currently only a limited number of charter boats. If you want to participate in the event with a chartered boat, an early registration - indicating the desired dates - is advantageous. We need to plan for boat availability.

Boat charterers with Skeeta and Nikki will be taken care of. Free sailing is only available for boat owners.

The procedure: From taster to training participant
The first sailing day is in any case a "taster day". If the participants can handle the boats safely, they can be integrated into the training group for the next days. In the other case the supervised "taster sailing" will be continued. This also depends on the number of participants. A maximum of 3 sailors share one boat.

Foiling beginners consume more energy in the beginning than experienced foilers. Therefore we know from experience that with this boat occupancy the effective sailing time per day can be optimized.

Safety for the participants

Participants in the training sessions will be accompanied by inflatable boats and, if necessary, supervised.

Depending on the number of registrations for free sailing, chartering and taster sessions and depending on wind and weather conditions, additional motor boats will be provided. This may increase the costs (see registration form) and we may have to ask for an additional fee from the participants. However, this is usually not necessary. As stated, the cost of this safety and support service depends on the total number of participants. They can only be estimated at the end of the event. These additional contingent costs are to be paid in cash per participant.

Minimum number of participants per event: 5 participants

General participant guidelines

Participation is at your own risk. The organizers, the course management as well as the trainers are not liable for damages and accidents that may occur due to improper boat handling, failure to follow instructions or negligent behavior. The charter boats are subject to liability insurance (of at least 1.5 million €). The private boats are also subject to liability insurance of at least 1.5 million €. In case of repeated violation of instructions given by the course management, the latter reserves the right to exclude the participant in question from further participation in the event and to demand the specified deposit of € 750.00 in case of wilfully caused damage to the boat. With the registration I accept the conditions of participation.

The participant (in case of minors: parent or legal guardian) declares with his/her signature that participation in the training camp is exclusively at his/her own risk. The organizing authority and/or the sailing coach do not assume any liability for property damage or personal injury or death occurring in connection with or before, during or after the training camp.

Costs, per participant and event, prices are incl. VAT

Foiling Camp with Hess Sailcoaching, May 5 - May 8, 2022

Price list: *Boat may only be used by the registered person.

These prices are exclusive on travel, food and accommodation!

  •  Obligatory basic fee/ person/ day (sport camp, infrastructure and motorboat): € 20,00
  •  Training per day & all-inclusive for 4 days, for boat owners who want to participate in the training.
    • Training costs with professional trainer for one day: € 100,00
    • Training costs with professional trainer / person for 4 days: € 370,00
  •  Training and boat charter per day & all-inclusive for 4 days - for those sailors who do not have their own boat
    • Training & charter fee* Skeeta per day: € 150,00
    • Training & charter fee* Skeeta for 4 days: € 550,00
    • Training & charter fee* Nikki per day: € 150,00
    • Training & charter fee* Nikki for 4 days: € 550,00
    • Training & charter fee* Onefly per day: € 150,00
    • Training & Charter fee* Ondfly for 4 days: € 550,00

How does the online registration work?

The online registration works as follows:

Please fill out the registration form.

I would like to know from you, which boat you sail...., whether you need a charter boat...., which date wishes you have...., your first and family name, address, date of birth, email address.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

If you agree, you can press the SEND-BUTTON.

After that you will immediately get the info: Registration Form Sent, thank you for sending the registration form, I will answer it as soon as possible.

I.e.: I will confirm your order, resp. answer it...

I hope the online registration works in this form. To be on the safe side, you can also call me to check if I have received your registration....Tel.Nr. +4366087100210

Skeeta Events 2022 mit Hess Sailcoaching

Ich würde gerne mit einem Boot von HessSailcoaching segeln!
I would like to sail with a boat from HessSailcoaching
Allgemeine Teilnehmerrichtlinien

Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr. Die Veranstalter, die Kursleitung als auch die Trainer haften nicht für Schäden und Unfälle, die durch unsachgemäße Bootsführung, durch Nichtbeachten von Anweisungen oder durch fahrlässiges Verhalten entstehen können. Die Charter-Boote sind haftpflichtversichert (von mindestens 1,5 Mio. €). Die privaten Boote unterliegen ebenfalls einer Haftpflichtversicherung von mind. 1.5 Mio. €. Bei mehrmaligem Zuwiderhandeln gegen Anweisungen der Kursleitung behält sich diese vor, den betreffenden Teilnehmer von der weiteren Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung auszuschließen. Mit der Anmeldung akzeptiere ich die Teilnahmebedingungen.

Sailor (in case of non age: parent or legal guardian) declares with his signature that sailor participates in the Training Camp entirely at his/her own risk. The organization authority and/or the sail coach will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the Training Camp.

All Charterboats have a Liability Insurance with an amount of minimum 1,5 Mio. €, all private boats must have a liability Insurance with an amount of minimum 1,5 Mio. €.