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Stefan Hess ( organizes some Skeeta events for 2021 together with QuantBoats AG (importer of Skeeta and Nikki).

Here is a short profile of Stefan Hess: see LINK

The aim of this series of events is to improve boat mastery and specific knowledge about foil boats. Each event ends with a regatta on the last day of the course.


Palamos, Costa Brava, Spain, End of February 2021 - Palamos-Training is CANCELD
We have attached particular importance to the selection of locations. The main criteria are wind conditions, infrastructure, club atmosphere and the accessibility of the venues. The starting signal for the events is the event in Palamos (Spain) in the last week of February 2021. Here the sailors can not only expect great wind conditions, they will alternate in the shallow water (north wind) or challenged by long waves, which we will experience with south wind. Both shallow water and waves require specific settings on the boat and a different sailing technique: Skillful steering allows surfing on the wave and offers an incomparable sailing experience where you mutate into a speed junkie in shallow water. Improve and expand your personal sailing technique and the feeling for your boat.

Maurach, Achensee, at SCTWV, Tyrol, Austria - June 2021

The Achensee is the largest lake in North Tyrol and lies between the Karwendel and Rofan mountains at an altitude of 929 metres above sea level. The lake is about 9 km long, 1 km wide and up to 133 m deep. In the morning there is usually an easterly wind with 2-3 Bft, in the afternoon the wind turns to northwest with 3-4 Bft, gusts up to 6 Bft. The water temperature in the summer months is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. Club SCTWV is located in Eben/Maurach and has an extraordinary infrastructure. Enough space for boats, trailers and cars, and has a large slipway. Even with an elevator you can slip the boats.....The clubhouse is a baroque prelate house, in which once princes and abbots resided. Due to the wind and territorial conditions I see the Achensee with the SCTWV as an ideal Skeeta base...June is perfect for the training at the Achensee.

On the Schlei, Schleswig Holstein - 27.August - 29. Autust 2021

NEW EVENT IN GERMANY - Skeeta Meeting on the Schlei

I got a new event in Germany. Interested sailors want to test my boats. So a trip to Schleswig Holstein is on the agenda. The place is called Brodersby/ at the beach of Burg. Training starts on August 27th - the event lasts until August 29th.

Not only German guests are welcome. Also my Austrian friends are always welcome to join the trip.

The Schlei is one of the most charming water sports areas in Schleswig-Holstein, a river-like inland fjord in the middle of a hilly and floodplain landscape (estuary from the Baltic Sea) Thus also ideal for sailors, surfers and the middle of an indescribable and unique landscape.

So, visit me at my training event in Schleswig-Holstein/ The Schlei/ Brodersby/ on the beach of Burg, vacation feeling is guaranteed.

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Reschen at the Reschensee, Italy, close border to CH and AU, first week of August 2021
In the first week of August 2021 we meet at the Reschensee, an extraordinary spot and best suitability for small foil boats. The Skeeta Community has already tested this location in the 2020 season. The Reschensee is probably one of the areas with the highest wind probability in the whole Alps. The excellent wind conditions enchanted the Skeeta community. Foiling on this lake is a unique pleasure, so nothing stands in the way of a renewed visit to the Reschensee Sailing Club. Good thermal wind and shallow water are the best prerequisites for a successful manoeuvre training - what more could you want? Very good suitability for beginners.

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