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Foilingcamps in Palamos/ ESP with Skeeta and Onefly

Ambitious sailors also improve their skills in winter. Hess Sailcoaching has therefore been organizing "winter camps" in Palamos, Spain, for years. The sailing area on the Costa Brava is ideal for continuous sailing training, as the climatic conditions could not be better. The town is also easy to reach via Barcelona or Girona airports and boasts an internationally renowned sailing club: The "Club de Vela Palamos".

Make the most of winter in Palamos.

The air and water temperatures are very mild, usually between 13 and 20 degrees (air) and between 16 and 18 degrees (water). Due to the interesting mix of different winds that meet in the bay of Palamos, all facets of sailing can be practiced. The rapidly changing weather and wind conditions allow sailors to gain unique experience and develop their skills. Experience shows that winter training is one of the most effective and efficient ways to prepare sailors for the next season.

Sailing club with a professional atmosphere

The sailing club "Club de Vela Palamos" offers everything that is important for effective training. Not only are there plenty of moorings, but there are also sufficient parking facilities and repair halls. Physical fitness can also be pushed away from sailing training: The promenade is the perfect location for a morning jog, and there are numerous fitness studios in the immediate vicinity.

Tailor-made sail training with Hess Sailcoaching

The principles of training with Hess Sailcoaching also apply here so that sailors can improve all aspects of their skills during winter training. Since 2021, the boat fleet for the training events in Spain has included the foiling boats SKEETA and Onefly These are offered as training boats, and it is also possible to travel with your own boat. All participants are assigned their own training plan, which is based on the agreed individual wishes and goals. Group training sessions consist of a maximum of 3-5 participants, individual training sessions are also possible. The schedule follows the physical potential of each participant.