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D-Zero Conception

Devoti Sailing is delighted to introduce the last Devoti baby - D-Zero

The D-Zero was launched at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2014, at Alexandra Palace, London. The D-Zero is based on the Punk dinghy, the unique concept designed by Dan Holman. The Punk has already enjoyed considerable success on the UK dinghy racing circuit. Helmed by Dan himself, on PY 1050m the Punk has made a memorable impression at some of the UK's best known handicap events.

But the main thing missing has been a prominent boat builder to build and market this great design.

After extensive testing at the Dinghy Academy in Valencia, Spain, the cooperation between Dan and Devoti has refined the original concept design and produced a boat that is poised to take the singe handed dinghy market by storm. The Punk was a great boat, the D-Zero is spectacular!

The D-Zero is a single handed performance dinghy, fully fitted by Harken, with a two piece carbon mast and a 8.1 m2 sail, raised by a halyard, and a carbon boom. The hull is 4.22 m long overall with a beam of 1.40 m. It comes complete and ready to sail. The D-Zero is a fresh approach to traditional singlehanded sailing - one size fits all, sailing together and having fun. Free from gimmicks, vices and clutter - a refined and ultimately very rewarding sailboat designed to bring the beach boat to the 21st Century - no cheap and nasty compromises.

Supplied with an up-to-date mylar mainsail from North Sails One Design, carbon spars from CompoTech and a Harken fit-out as standard throughout.

Simply a boat that will deliver fun for years to come.


    Standard Main sail: 8,1 m2
    Suitable for 70-105 kg sailor

    Small Main sail: 6,9 m2
    Suitable for 50-75 kg sailor

    LOA: 4,22 m
    Beam: 1,40 m
    Weight: 62 kg

New Boats

New Devoti Zero from Devoti Sailing, offered by HessSailcoaching

Here my offer:

  • Devoti-Zero comprising (all prices inclusive 20% VAT)
    • EUR 8.039,00   
      • Fully fitted hull (HARKEN), foam construction, from CNC mould.
      • All fittings including control lines
      • Rudder and daggerboard, 2 piece carbon mast - bottom standard or BLUE, carbon boom
      • 8,1 sqm semi soft laminate standard sail or BLUE sail 6,9 sqm
      • Complete and ready to sail

Upgrade List:

  • Upgrade on liftable rudder stock, inclusive Blade and Alu Tiller extension
    • EUR 108,00
  • Upgrade on Carbon tiller extension
    • EUR 66,00 
  • Zinc Galvanized Steel Launching trolley (suitable for road trailer)
    • EUR 444,00
  • Aluminium Launching trolley (suitable for road trailer)
    • EUR 600,00
  • Devoti - Zero Ripstop transport top cover 
    • EUR 180,00
  • Devoti - Zero Ripstop transport undercover
    • EUR 156,00
  • Devoti - Zero Ripstop regatta top cover
    • EUR 240,00
  • Devoti - Zero padded combi bag
    • EUR 96,00
  • Devoti Zero padded rudderstock/ tiller bag
    • EUR 60,00
  • Devoti Zero mast padded cover - bottom part
    • EUR 72,00
  • Devoti Zero mast padded cover - top part
    • EUR 72,00
  • Devoti Zero padded boom cover
    • EUR 72,00
  • Devoti Zero BLUE upgrade set (mast bottom section and BLUE sail)
    • EUR 1500,00

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