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Introducing D-One

D-One Hull designed by Phil Morrison and using the best materials and technology available to provide a unique sailing experience, the Devoti-One is built using carbon fibre and foam, constructed in CNC mould, giving a stiff light hull. The carbon mast, boom and bow sprit maintain quality throughout and the boat has been extensively tested by a team of top sailors to make sure it's a winner. Upwind the Devoti-One is powered by a large 11,5 m2 fully battened main sail that has enough power to be hiking early but easy to keep control when it gets fresher. Downwind, using the 13,2 m2 gennaker, the boat is stable and easily driven with plenty of power to the highly manoeuvrable and lightweight hull. From the leading builders of the Olympic Finn, the Devoti-One has achieved international success.

Details of D-One:

Standard Sail Area: 24,7 m2
Main: 11,5 m2
Gennaker: 13,2 m2
Suitable for 75 - 115 kg sailor
Small Sail Area: 22,7 m2
Main: 9,5 m2
Gennaker: 13,2 m2
Suitable for 55 - 75 Kg
LOA: 4,23 m
Beam: 2,31 m
Weight: 94 kg

NEW Boats

Here is my offer: D-One from Devoti Sailing

  • D-One all inkl. with sail: all prices incl. 20% VAT
    • EUR 15.588,00    
      • In offer included:Fully fitted hull (Harken) built with extensive use of carbon fibre, using foam construction from CNC mould, wings adjustable for weight equalization when racing. All fittings including control lines.
      • Rudder and daggerboard, 2 piece carbon mast, carbon boom and pole.
      • Fully battened main sail 11,4 sqm, spinnaker 13,2 sqm
      • Complete and ready to sail

Upgrade - List:

  • TackTick T060 Compass
    • EUR 357,60
  • Upgrade on Carbon tiller extension
    • EUR 60,00 
  • Central laminated rib on the floor
    • EUR 180,00
  • Non-standard colour (Special colour design)
    • EUR 360,00
  • Upgrade  Carbon rudder and daggerboard
    • EUR 360,00
  • Zinc Galvanized Steel Launching trolley (suitable for road trailer)
    • EUR 444,00
  • Aluminium Launching trolley (suitable for road trailer)
    • EUR 600,00
  • Devoti-One pvc transport top cover
    • EUR 204,00
  • Devoti-One pvc transport undercover
    • EUR 204,00
  • Devoti-One  regatta top cover
    • EUR 300,00
  • Devoti-One padded rudder bag
    • EUR 78,00
  • Devoti-One padded rudder/dagger board bag
    • EUR 96,00
  • Devoti-One padded rudder stock/ tiller bag
    • EUR 72,00
  • Devoti-One padded wing covers - pair
    • EUR 216,00
  • Devoti-One mast padded cover - bottom part
    • EUR 84,00
  • Devoti-One mast padded cover - top part
    • EUR 84,00
  • Devoti-One padded boom cover
    • EUR 84,00
  • Special accessories discount for whole covers package
    • -EUR 240,00
  • Shrink-wrap packing (applicable if not collected personally)
    • EUR 72,00
  • 4 Cleat Wing System
    • EUR 276,00

Please ask for an order form, if you will order:) My email adress is: