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Prices for season 2018

Charterboats will offered all inclusive, that means:  1 boat, 1 mast, 1 boom, rudder and centreboard, upper and lower cover, mast cover, rudder and centreboard cover, 1 trolley, FSE Robline - ropes, 1 used sail 

All boats are liability insurance. Consequential damages will be paid by the customer. (I would recommend a fully comprehensive insurance) 

Here are my ZOOM 8 charter prices:

Charter for 1 week: EUR 380,00

Charter for 2-3 weeks: EUR 650,00

Charter for 4-5 weeks: EUR 750,00

Charter for 6-8 weeks: EUR 900,00

Charter up to 3 months: EUR 1100,00

Charter up to 6 months: EUR 1300,00

Charter up to 12 months: EUR 1500,00

Afterwards you can buy my charter boats, the charter price will be deducted when purchasing the boat to 50% of the purchase price.  All prices of the charter boats you can see here - used boats

Please write an e-mail, if you have interest - stefan.hessa1net